Art to feed the soul

I am not a foodie. I don’t pin recipes or even cook for that matter. Most of the time when I see a pin that someone likes I am usually looking at everything except the food. Usually the container its in. The texture of the table or tray its on. Maybe even the colors involved.

For me food, cooking and preparation of meals is a lot of work. Maybe I’m just an instant gratification eater. I want something salty- order it. Need something sweet- buy it. I feel that everyone has a gift or talent to offer the world. Mine is not laboring over a stove for hours. I would prefer to leave that up to people who have a real talent for preparing these dishes like I have a talent for creating the objects to serve or present them in.

I’m not lazy and don’t ever cook. I just feel when something doesn’t bring you joy and you are not putting the love and care in it, then someone else that can should. I do enjoy baking. Not all the time. But when I do I feel that it is more of a celebration for me. Plus there seems to be more exactness in the prep. I guess it’s all those years of woodworking that makes me measure twice, bake once.

So to all of you cooks out there I salute you. Do what you love and have joy while you do it. The reward will follow because you made it with happiness in your heart, and those that experience it will be filled with that love too. Peace, Love, Light.