Giving legs to this Website/Blog

This has been a process in itself. I have researched and looked at all the different options out there. Test and retest all the content, the look and how to navigate through this site. I am doing well so far. It is just a task, and you have to have about 10 tabs open at once to check themes, plug-ins, media, posts and how it all works.

I’ve had videos playing in the background while I am trying to update content all the time. It is exhausting. I think once I have a basic set up and it does what I want, I will be good. For now I have been running around the internet searching, reading reviews, and scanning what information is out there — without someone trying to sell me some package or bag of dreams and expectations. So for now I type away and look up the best way without driving myself crazy with the ticky-tack stuff that gets me sidetracked.

That is all for now. I’ll be back. More tests and posts and updates to be done. I know its a journey but I am not sure where i am going to or where I am going to land. Peace, Love and Light