My Philosophies

Why I do this.

My number one passion is making art!

I created this page to help connect and share my work with friends, fellow artists, and customers.

I am a one-woman show -- while I work hard to attract satisfied, life-long customers, I try to keep my operations as clean and simple as possible.

I appreciate all of your interactions, feedback, patronage, and support!

The pieces I display here.

It is important to me that I focus on a small number of pieces that complement or contrast with one another, so that I can feature the work that I believe is the very best for the moment. For this reason I started this website with a very small number of items.

It is also nice that a small and focused inventory allows me to grow and spread my work gradually. It can be overwhelming to think about making all of my work available at all times. My philosophy is start small with high quality and grow from there. I am excited to share this journey with you.